Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Damage Uncontrol

A targeted use of monetary policy will provide democratic relief, but GoI too has to rise the occasion.

Judiciary must speak up, hold government to account on its handling...

Kapil Sibal writes: Under our constitutional framework, the executive is answerable even in times of a national crisis.

Amid COVID, Crucial to Address Fragility of Democracy

The time has come for us to reassess the way we conduct our affairs, both within India and globally. All regimes were unprepared to...

A knockout punch to the economy

Creating demand, by putting money in the hands of 800 million poor people, is the way forward

Hon. Shree Kapil Sibal on Art of Advocacy organised by SOL...

Introduction The   Zoom   Meeting   Session,   organized   by   the   School   of   Law,   Manipal University Jaipur in...

On COVID-19, the Centre Has Foisted All Responsibility on the States

There is no national plan in place even now.

मैं खोया बेसहारा, तू मुझको बता, के अब मैं...

एक गरीब भारतीय की व्यथा !