Hon. Shree Kapil Sibal on Art of Advocacy organised by SOL Manipal University Jaipur & Excelegal


The   Zoom   Meeting   Session,   organized   by   the   School   of   Law,   Manipal University Jaipur in collaboration with Lexlawgical Club on ‘Art of Advocacy’  washeld via Zoom on April 27th, 2020. The main panelist was:

1. Mr. Kapil Sibal ( Former Indian Union minister of Human resource development, Law & Justice )

The theme of the session was Art of Advocacy.

A   total   100   people   participated   in   this   meeting   session,   including   Dr. Vijaylaxmi  Sharma,  Director,  School  of  Law,  several  university  students  and working professionals from across the country.


The meeting started with a brief introduction from Dr. Vijaylaxmi Sharma about the  Penalist  of  the  meeting, followed by Mr. Kapil Sibal’s speech in which he covered  importance  of  hard  work  in  the  field  of  advocacy,  he  also  discussed fundamental premise of a good lawyer. which included 6 points:

  1.   Knowledge in every aspect of law.
  2.     Need to know brief better then opponent or the Judge.
  3.     Pleasant in the court(Never get angry in court)
  4.   Always respect the Judge and Opponent.
  5.    Never be afraid.
  6.     Seek the opportunity you get. Never think of money.

Mr. Kapil said that law is the only profession which provides Article 14, means equality  and  opportunity  can  be  seen  in  court  between  himself,  opponent  and the  Judge.  He  also  discussed  his  experience  as  a  young  lawyer.  Then,  he discussed   about   challenging   anti   defecation   law.   He   mainly   focused   on relationship between law and human conduct. In the end he said that always be loyal towards those who helped you to get your success.

After  a  very  engaging  1  hour  discussion among themselves,  the  last 5  minutes were spent taking questions from the rest of the participants. The variety in the range  of  participants resulted  in  a  very  qualitative set of questions  which  were asked.  Is  there  any  difference  between  the  approach  of  previous  generation lawyers  and  young  lawyers?  The  panelist  answered  every  question  with  an unparalleled zeal of involvement.


After  a  very  fruitful  1-hour  10  minutes  meeting,  with  100  participants,  Dr. Vijay  Laxmi  Sharma  concluded the session by  inviting  Himangini  for the vote of thanks. Ms Himangini Shekhawat thanked Mr. Kapil Sibal for their valuable time and insightful inputs on behalf the student and faculty fraternity of Manipal University  Jaipur  and  also  thanked  Mr.  PuranRajpurohitand  Excelegal  Team for organizing this meeting.with hopes for building interaction with the students innear future. The meeting session then finally came to an end.
Respectfully submitted

Akshay Sharma &

Gazal Gupta

2ndyear law students,

Manipal University Jaipur