Insaaf Ke Sipahi

I am launching a national platform called Insaaf. I have also launched a website called “”.
Click on the website and become an insaafkasipahi. Please join it and fight injustice wherever we find it.
On the 11th of March please join me at Jantar Mantar at 3.30 where I will unveil a new vision for India for the future different from the one we live in today.


“Insaaf ke Sipahi” is dedicated towards building a network of individuals throughout the country who are wedded to the cause of justice.

  1. Children are the wealth of the nation, we need to empower them. Investing in their future means investing in the future of India.

  2. Our judicial system is in disarray. It is perceived to be polluted. It needs a complete overhaul.

  3. Issues of governance , corruption, institutional bias and political persecutions are matters of national concern.

  4. The toppling of elected governments by questionable means is yet another form of injustice that needs to be addressed.

  5. The poor are hit the hardest by rising prices of the essentials of life.